In this home, the stair landing was offset only 3 feet from the front entrance double-doors.  This layout resulted in a cramped appearance and made navigation of large furniture difficult.  In addition, the remainder of the first floor had a similar crowded feel and left little room for navigation and living space.  The owner wished to consider options for redesign. 

Our project reoriented the location of the staircase. Also, we removed a column that was located in the middle of the living area, which required us to replace a large structural flush mount beam.  These modifications created a larger front entrance, producing a much more open setting.

In addition, we relocated a laundry room, pantry, half bath, and bar that were all on the first floor.  This relocation, along with removal of the column, connected the living and family room, generating more recreational living area.  It also opened the kitchen to the rest of the space.

All these changes, based on an open concept design, created a larger, brighter atmosphere throughout the first floor of the Hickory Lawn home.

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