“What is the most important reason to remodel?”

You need to have a proper answer for this question before starting the process, whether you do not like the current look, resale value, want to upgrade or many other reasons. Knowing the answer helps you not to lose goals during the process. Writing a list of new items you may consider for your project is another alternative.

“How much should I spend on this remodeling? Do I want to pay cash or get loan? How much is Cost VS. Value? ”

Check link below for Cost VS. Value. It gives you some idea about ballpark number for your remodeling project.


See if you want to fund your project cash or mortgage. Ask a mortgage broker list of documents & information they need to process your loan.

Who should I consult with for my remodeling project? How to find the right person to consult?

Consult with a professional is always a good idea, but finding the right consultant is not that easy. Depending on your project size you may choose to consult with an architect or a contractor for your project or choose to consult with a design-build firm which can provide consultation for both design and construction; consider your budget at the same time. Meet the consultant see their expertise, resume, ask about Insurance, if they are local, do they carry any license, office location, references … (General contractor licenses are not a requirement for building or remodeling projects in the state of Texas.). You can check your local HBA association membership to find the right team for your project.

“How important is to have a design document?”

It is always recommended to have detailed drawings. These documents can also be signed and attached as a part of the contract. During design process, especially after schematic design gets complete, it is a good idea to double check the budget with the contractor. When you see everything works, move forward to finalize design document, details, selections, specs; otherwise you need to change your budget or the scope of work or …. This may become hard and time consuming if you need to coordinate with different parties. Here is one of the benefits of hiring a Design-Build firm: they provide all these services at one stop.

“What is the next step after completing design document? “

Now it is time to get a proposal and sign the contract. Contractor starts pulling permits, order materials. Project can start after obtaining necessary permits.