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Every project presents a diverse set of challenges and opportunities. TBR construction is a Design-Build firm. A complete set of design can benefit the construction part by saving money and time. As a company who provide design services, we offer our design services for residential building; including new construction and remodeling. In addition to that, we provide Accessible Design and Universal Design

Process Of Design Services

Every project presents a diverse set of challenges and opportunities. No matter the project size or budget, our experienced, professional design team is dedicated to providing the service, value, and innovation that our clients expect. There are FIVE BASIC DESIGN PHASES to architectural services: 

We would work with you through every phase to ensure the smooth completion of your project on budget.

Accessible Design

Aging in Place

Many principles of Accessible Design and Universal Design are the same.; however, as accessibility applies to a residence, it addresses the needs of the individual with a disability, not necessarily for anyone else. Therefore, Accessible design is a design approach which The outcome product/service provides accommodation to the needs of a limited amount of user/users. For example, those who have a disability or facing situational barriers are audience groups for accessible design. Accessibility defines users’ ability to use products/services, but not the extent to which they can attain goals (usability). Designers should create output accommodating the needs of all potential users, be they disabled (e.g., colour-blind users) or anyone facing situational barriers (e.g., being forced to multitask). The outcome product/service provides accommodation to the needs of is for a limited amount of user/users that they have a disability or facing situational barriers.

Universal Design

Universal Design is a design approach to building, an environment that provides accommodation to a wide range of people’s preferences characteristic. Consequently, the finished product is accessible, understandable and usable to the greatest extent possible of users. In other words, there is no limitation for users such as age, size, ability or disability. Also, Cost saving in the long term, increasing the value of your home, providing safety and enhancing your independence at home are some benefits of Universal Design. Universal design is not a special requirement for the benefit of only a minority of the population. UD can benefit everyone since the products, services, and environments are accessible, usable, convenient; also pleasant to use. UD helps to create products, services and environments meet people’s needs. Frankly put, universal design is good design. UD is more general than Accessible design.

Phases Of Design Services



Before the design phases start, we need to gather some information. This phase considers as Pre-design or Programming phase. This pre-phase considered as an Additional or Extra Service. Some Pre-design tasks may include:


During this phase, The designer will review and discuss owner needs. The designer does some research and analysis for the property; including zoning, building code, and any concerns that may affect the specific development.


Design Development In this phase, selecting materials, and products are a part of this phase. Also, Preliminary engineering will start on the structure, as well as plumbing, electrical, heating/ventilation systems, energy analysis and any other project-specific systems. At the end of Design Development, a good deal of product selection and systems design should be progressing. 


Drawings, notes, and most technical specifications necessary for bidding construction, and permits application will set during this phase. Also, designer and engineers will finalize all the technical drawing and engineering; including detailing.


Now it is time to put all the numbers together. Only a General Contractor can guarantee a price of construction; Not the designer nor cost estimators can provide guarantee budget prices.


Generally, due to change orders, there are some needs for additional services for the design. Our attention during this phase is to ensure the smooth and satisfactory completion of your project. 

Design Services

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