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According to international building code (IBC), residential high-rises identified as commercial type building.  Also other building restriction, safety and … are other reasons to consider high-rise remodeling is more complex than single family residential. TBR construction is a full service high-rise remodeling company in the Houston area. We provide services for different types of High-Rise remodeling like Condo remodeling, loft remodeling, …. We are able to transform your current high-rise living into something contemporary, stylish, and luxurious,… .

If you’re looking for the upscale lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of, we are ready to help.

Your high-rise, condo, or loft is just as unique as you are. As such, we attempt to provide you with the exact remodeling services that you’re looking for.      

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We offer our services of the highest caliber at the best possible prices. Your satisfaction is Grantees!

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